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WATCH Prescription Assistance Program (PAP)

1) What is the prescription assistance program (PAP)? 
Prescription assistance for chronic disease medication is available through companies that make brand-name prescription medications. Not all medications are in the program. Available medications are free to those who qualify - based on household income levels - established by the companies.

2) How do I become a part of the PAP program at WATCH?
You must be an established patient with WATCH Healthcare. Our providers will refer you to the program if you are prescribed brand-name, long-term medications that you are unable to afford. The provider will write an order for the PAP and you will be instructed to make an appointment with the Prescription Assistance Coordinator by calling 919-731-6933.


3) What is required to apply?

You must meet with the coordinator to sign all necessary paperwork and provide proof of income for your entire household. You will be instructed to bring certain documents to your appointment. It is your responsibility to provide all that is needed to enroll you into the program.

4) How long will it take to get my medications? 

Applications are sent to the pharmaceutical companies within 24 – 48 hours after your PAP appointment if you have provided the necessary documents. Medications arrive at the WATCH office usually within 4-6 weeks, if you are approved. The coordinator will notify you for pick up.

5) How do I get refills?

You must call the WATCH office at 919-731-6933 at least 30 days before taking your last dose.

6) How long can I continue in the PAP program? 

You can continue in the program as long as you are a WATCH patient. Your enrollment is for 1 year. If you continue to need assistance, updated financial documentation will be required yearly.

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